If you are planning a conference or considering connecting with me about how I can support you, hearing from others who have encountered my services is pretty important.

Here's what a few of my colleagues and clients have to say...

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The 100 Words Series

I believe so strongly in our collective story, I want you to join me. Don’t you find strength in the stories of others? Our culture has demanded that breastfeeding be hidden, closed behind doors and covered up but I can be instantly encouraged when I know that I don’t walk this road alone. So, will you walk with me? I want to hear your story, your breastfeeding story in 100 words or less.

I want to hear them if they are wonderful. I want to hear them if they are heartbreaking. I want to hear them if they don’t make any sense. I want to hear them if they make you angry or empowered. I want to hear them.

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