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Well, if that picture doesn’t represent what life looks like for so many of us, I don’t know what does!  My life is one gigantic multi-tasking experiment and, some days, I feel like I have so many juggling balls in the air…

Summer in our home has been lovely…and busy.  Trips camping, to the beach and to the mountains in addition to 3 children at 3 different camps makes for an exciting life.  Moving my business, for the summer, into an “online only” mode has proven to be just what the lactation consultant ordered in regards to my ability to best meet the needs of both my clients and my family.  As I have said before, I can’t support mothers well if I am not supporting my own motherhood.  While I have enjoyed the break from home visits, I am looking forward to starting back up at the end of August, when my children return to school.  Look to this space for information about when I’ll again be taking in-person clients.

In the midst of sand and sun, I’ve also added two exciting opportunities to my life.

Co-Editor of Lactation Matters

Lactation Matters is the official blog of the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA). Starting June 1 of this year, I took on the co-editor position, along with my colleague Decalie Brown.  Decalie has been an amazing asset as she sits on the ILCA Board of Directors as their Director of Marketing.  Many of my lactation consultant colleagues are a wee bit leary when it comes to blogging/social media/online engagement…and understandably so!  The way many mothers communicate today is significantly different than we did, even 5 years ago.  But ILCA is stepping up and leading the way!  They are recognizing the power of connecting with mothers and other health professionals online and, for the past year, have built a fantastic blog, previously co-edited by Robin Kaplan of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center.  When Robin stepped down to pursue some new opportunities, I was honored to be offered the position.  Honored and humbled.  This career path has been such a study of “finding my sweet spot“…every time another something drops in my lap, I just stop and say a prayer of thanks.  I’m LOVING this editing job and it puts me in connection with many of the “movers and shakers” in my field.  Part of the gig is attending the upcoming ILCA Conference in Orlando next week.  I’m got my Micky Mouse ears all ready!

The Boob Group

When my friend, Robin, stepped down from the ILCA blogging job, she did so to start an exciting new venture, The Boob Group! It is a weekly online radio program focused on supporting breastfeeding mothers…a total win, if you ask me.  I will be participating with my own featured segment about the best online breastfeeding resources.  I’d love for you to give a listen.  You can subscribe as a podcast by clicking on THIS LINK or “like” their Facebook page to get all the latest information on new episodes and features.

You can hear my segments in the following episodes:

Holistic Remedies that Support Lactation

Partial Breastfeeding:  When Supplementation is Needed

Managing a Toddler while Breastfeeding a Newborn


As you can see, I’ve been very, very busy (and fulfilled) in Nourish Breastfeeding Support land.  As always, my focus is on finding ways to help new mothers feel connected and capable in this motherhood journey.  I welcome your feedback and ideas of how I can better meet your needs.

Happy Summer!




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